Sami Autochopper

Splitting force 11 t
Combined tractor and electric version
Chainsaw length 44 cm
The 11 kW electric motor is equipped with a soft starter. Therefore, starting the motor does not cause any intense power surge.

You will find the technical data at the bottom of this page.

Description of the reference markings
S Floor type
110/185 Splitting force, 11 or 18,5 t
T Tractor operated
E Electric motor operated
C Chainsaw
440 Blade range in mm

Saw’s form of use Chain saw
Saw’s blade size mm Harvester 440
Maximum blade range 440 mm
Method of application Tractor and electric
Driving force 11 kW or 30 hp
Operating voltage 12 V
Transmission of the saw Belt/Hydraulic
Minimum/maximum log length 200-500 mm
Splitting force 11 t
Cycle time 4-8 s
Control system Microprocessor
Mechanical adjustments No
Automatic drive Yes
Semi-automatic use with joystick Yes
Manual use with joystick Yes
Uninterrupted Nonstop drive Yes
Log feeding at feed belt Yes
Feed mat reverse Yes
Automatic log ram and diameter measurement Yes
Automatic blade disconnection Yes
Automatic splitting wedge alignment at every saw cut Yes
Automatic cut in half of logs less than 100 mm Yes
Optimization of log ends, 3 alternatives Yes
Telescopic fully hydraulic discharge conveyor Option
Litter separator at the end of the discharge conveyor Option
Sideways rotatable discharge conveyor Option
Splitting wedge 2/4 Standard
Splitting wedge 2/6 Option
Splitting wedge 2/8 Option
Splitting wedge 2/12 Option
Hydraulic log jack / working and transport position Option
Spotlights Option
Hard metal chain Option
Hydraulic sideways rotation of the discharge conveyor Option
Oil cooler Option
Honeycomb-structured oil tank with opt. couplings, capacity 115 L
Hydraulic spool valve for an accessory Yes
Adapter for the sawdust extractor Yes
Fitted tarpaulin Yes
Information display and log: Yes
• optimization choice
• oil temperature
• adjustment of the chain’s lubrication
• operating hour meter
• volume of cut logs m3
• maintenance notification (oil and filter change)
• error code
• interface for options
• option for software additions
Measures in transport position WxDxH 263x149x270 cm
Measures in working position WxDxH 855x149x240 cm
Weight 1540 kg
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