Log lifter

The hydraulic log lifter, to feed the SAMI Autochopper with logs

The use of the log lifter is totally safe and very easy to handle. The operator steers it from the control panel of the Autochopper, thanks to a dedicated hydraulic command.

How does it work? Just push the logs onto the lifter. It will be vertically lifted to the feeding belt on simple command. The physical work phase is therefore minimized.

When the log lifter is attached to the Autochopper, it does not lean against the ground and is completly transportable. In case of a working mission on the field, the Autochopper is unloaded and installed in working position as usual, and the log lifter is just ready to use.

Moreover, the log lifter is a good solution to process more twisted wood, as broadleaves often are.

Adapted to the transport, safe and easy use, minimized physical effort.

Technical data

Connected to the hydraulic system of the Autochopper
Adjustable width: min 1.35 m (53″) and max 1.87 m (73″).
Log lengths: from 1.35 to 4-5 m (53″ to 150-200″), according to the log weight and balance.
Max load 220 kg.

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