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The ultimate automatic log sawing and splitting factorySAMI Autofactory

SAMI Autofactory revolutionizes log splitting. Autofactory consists of SAMI Autosorter (automatic loading table, automatic sorter and transfer conveyor) and SAMI Autochopper (automatic firewood processor). All these integrated together. The entire firewood production process is automated. You only need to take care of monitoring and carrying wood onto the loading table. It is THE ultimate combination for a high debit of firewood production. The whole line is reliable, durable, remarkable quality, and the production is cost-effective.

“You got the best production line on the market!” (a customer in KoneAgria 2014)
“Actually, you’re already in the future!” (a customer in the Livestock Fair of Clermont-Ferrand 2015)

SAMI Autosorter + SAMI Autochopper = SAMI Autofactory

Loading table → Automatic sorter → Transfer conveyor → Automatic log splitter

SAMI Autofactory – The automatic log sawing and splitting factory

  •  SAMI Autosorter + SAMI Autochopper
  • Log supply, sawing and splitting is entirely automatic
  • The microprocessor allows to program and adjust the production, according to the types of wood
  • Reliable automatics
  • Fast and effortless, boosts the entire process
  • Autosorter adjusts to the log splitter’s pace
  • The user only needs to carry wood onto the loading table and monitor the process

We focus on your production costs

Technological innovations are useless if they don’t bring benefits in competitiveness. We design machineries that provide economical advantages for the fuel wood producers. Automation is profitable only if it truly decreases the wood handling and the manpower need.

Indeed, a SAMI Autofactory setup is very interesting for its production costs. The investment itself is competitive, from similar pricing to much cheaper compared with other equipment found in Europe. The automation is the most reliable, thanks to our experience and registered patents, so one operator can genuinely work in autonomy, instead of 2 to 3 persons on other machines. Ask us an offer and calculate by yourself!

Investment Manpower cost
Usual production line 60 000 to 100 000€ 2 to 3 persons, 80 000 to 120 000€/year*
SAMI Autofactory approx. 70 000€ One Man Work, 40 000€/year*

* Approximate cost of an employee in Northern and Western Europe; replace with your own estimations!

The savings on production costs allow our clients to decrease their fuel wood products sale prices or to make their fuel wood activity profitable again, to increase their fuel wood production, to gain new markets and export, to diversify their products and enhance their quality by liberating the manpower that would be needed on other tasks.

With SAMI Autofactory log sawing and splitting is fully automatic

Fast and effortless, boosts the entire process

SAMI Autofactory is the most advanced solution for firewood professionals

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