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Reikälevy Oy has had its roots of knowhow in manufacturing perforated plates since 1968. Our production facilities and equipment are of the highest technology in the field. Perforated plates can be manufactured of several materials and they can be used for various purposes. Perforated plates are used for instance in air conditioning and filter technology, in construction and furniture industry, in lamp production, in soundproofing, in interior design and as various mechanical parts.

Our selection of perforated plates is wide, and it includes most of the materials, such as steel, aluminium and plastic. We also reprocess perforated plates into end-products with finishing. When the end-product is kept in mind already during the production process of the perforated plate, significant cost savings are made. This way, the amount of the raw material used in the production of the perforated plates can be optimized, other manufacturing stages of the product can be kept in mind, and also during the reprocess stage, significant savings can be made.

You can search for perforating alternatives in the perforated plates’ selection site, and choose the right alternatives for your needs.

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