sami grain silos

SAMI silos are the most popular silos in Finland. The silos are designed to fit into the reliable automation process, and that is also the reason for professional users’ respect towards them.

From our wide selection of silos and accessories, you will find the right package that will optimize at best your grain storage. We focus on the cost efficiency of the silo use. Ask us an offer: we’re very competitive and the investment is worthy.

SAMI’s 35° roof angle is consistent with grain’s natural shape when it piles up. The entire capacity of the silo is put to use, and no waste space is left in the upper part of the silo. In regular silos, waste space of the amount of the entire top wall layer is usual.

The transport is very easy. The silo is packed in parts, which takes a surprisinly small space. The truck delivery is usually quick and cheap. We may help you to assemble the silo and advise you about the foundation, so you will have the best user experience.

We produce SAMI silos of two different dimensions in our factory: Ø 5,5 m | Ø 7,5 m  with different heigths you can choose, so the storage volume answers your requirements ➤

SAMI develops and enhances constantly its silos, their technical performances, equipment and details, to improve their economical use significantly.

Dimensions Ø 5.5 m Ø 7.5 m  
4 layers
104 m³ 5.8 m 209 m³ 6.5 m
5 layers
127 m³ 6.8 m 250 m³ 7.5 m
6 layers
149 m³ 7.7 m 291 m³ 8.4 m
7 layers
171 m³ 8.6 m 332 m³ 9.3 m
8 layers
193 m³ 9.6 m 373 m³ 10.3 m
9 layers
215 m³ 10.6 m 414 m³ 11.2 m
10 layers
455 m³ 12.1 m
11 layers
496 m³ 13.1 m


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