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SAMI Autosorter is a complete package for wood supply, including the 6 m loading table, the automatic sorter and the transfer conveyor. Autosorter conveys and lifts logs one by one onto the transfer conveyor, automatically, without disruptions. The sorter has its own hydraulics, switchboard and a microprocessor. All the Autosorter functions are managed from the Autochopper’s control panel.

SAMI Autosorter is also available without the loading table, or with several tables (3 or 6 m models) placed in series to grant an even larger surface of loading and conveyance.

The secure automatics, programmability and versatile adjustment parameters raise the efficiency level of the entire log splitting production.

› SAMI Autofactory – The complete automatic log sawing and splitting factory
› SAMI Autochopper – The automatic firewood processor

SAMI Autosorter sorts wood automatically by size

SAMI Autosorter is realiable regardless of the size of the tree.

SAMI Autosorter's transfer conveyor adjusts to the cycle of the chopper.

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