Sami Autosorter sorting process

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Receiving table

The sensors (1) of the sorter’s receiving table activate the loading table to feed wood onto the sorter table and against the frame. The bearers are located below the receiving table.


Two programmable bearers (2) have three different courses: up-down, inwards-outwards and turning or tipping. The inwards-outwards movements of both of the bearers function independently.


The bearers rise slightly and simultaneously make a fast inwards-outwards movement. The movement brings down some of the logs, leaving the rest straight onto the bearers. Then the bearers start to lift the logs.


The widest log meets the sensors of the sorter frame (3) first. The lifting stops and sorting the logs (1 to 3) on the bearers begins.


Both bearers move halfway according to the independently measured results inwards, and the outer logs fall from the bearers.


The measuring is performed over and over again until there is only one log on the bearers. The remaining log is lifted up and tipped into the waiting room. If there is a log only on the other bearer, it is brought down.

Waiting room

After approved measuring, the bearers lift the log up and tip it through the restrainers in to the waiting room (4).

Transfer conveyor

When the transfer conveyor is available, the waiting room tips the log onto the transfer conveyor (5).

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