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SAMI Manual loading table

Inexpensive, robust, adaptable, that's the 3 m loading table!

The SAMI Manual Loading Table is a sturdy device to ensure a practical and easy wood feeding to the Autochopper. It is both inexpensive and handful to use.


The Loading Table drives the logs

onto the Transfer Conveyor.

Loading space of 3 meters.

Configuration of the installation

with the SAMI Autochopper.


The control is operated from the control panel of the Autochopper, with the manual hydraulic lever. It allows 18 tons of wood loading. It works in both ways, forward and backward. Logs are droped onto the transfer conveyor, which leads them to the firewood processor automatically.

The manual loading table can suit to other machines too. Check the technical data below!

The width of the manual loading table is adjustable, from 1.6 to 2.2 m (63 to 86"), and therefore can convey logs of shorter length than the 6 m loading table. Indeed, it is the premium choice to handle 2 m wood energy logs!


Check out the 6 m loading table too

The SAMI Automatic Loading Table, which has bigger size (width 2300 x length 6500 mm), can also be attached to a transfer conveyor, without the Autosorter. It can replace the Manual Loading Table to provide a larger loading space (to 6 meters). It is then operated exactly the same way.


An additional help for wood supply: SAMI Manual loading table

Wood supply to the Autochopper


Manual loading table


Transfer conveyor

Technical data

• Includes the 3 m loading table and a transfer conveyor.

• External hydraulic system control (for example, the one from the SAMI Autochopper).
• Dimensions of the manual loading table: adjustable width 1600-2200 mm (63-66") x length 3500 mm (138"), adjustable height 886-1285 mm (35-50"). Two driving chains. Loading space 3 m (120").
Transfer conveyor: length 4015 mm (158"), adjustable discharge height 87-92-97 cm (34-38").