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Automatic sorter

Our sorter is equipped of four lines of sensors. It knows everything, it does everything. Appeal of wood from the loading table, log selection, sending logs to the transfer conveyor, progressively, at the same rhythm as the sawing process. Efficient and quick wood supply to the Autochopper.

The sorting process is methodical and settled.

The sorter has its own hydraulic system and electric motor. Everything is handled from the Autochopper's control panel and it can be operated manually too.
Automatic log feeding to the Autochopper. Speed up all the process!
Technical data

Weight (kg)

Width without transfer conveyor (mm) 2340
Width with transfer conveyor (mm) 4015
Height (mm) 1910
Lenght (mm) 2940
Max. load (kg) 1200
Hydr. operating pressure(bar) 170
Electric motor (kW) 5,5
Switching voltage (V/Hz) 400/50





The sorter is supplied. Log selection phase. Log transfer, one by one. Sensor technology: the sorter sees exactly what it handles.